As always, Sohu is the first portal which is able to catch up the latest trend. It’s the first launched Open Platform in China (Sohu Blog Open Platform), the first spent serious effort on mobile social network (named Baishehui), the first sees the opportunity of iPhone applications in China by organizing Chinese iOS Developer Union, and so on. Now again, Sohu sees the potential of mobile advertising market and launches its own mobile advertising platform with partnership of Nielson.

According to Fang Gang, VP of Sohu, over 80% of Chinese brand handsets will be pre-installed its mobile advertising solution. It’s expected that around 20 millions local brand handsets are on Chinese market every month. Neilson will be providing the Ads analysis/monitoring/reporting solution on the backend.

80% of local brand handsets, which sounds a huge opportunities for Sohu in mobile advertising market. I really love Sohu because it is really the one following up with latest trend of web, but for some reasons I don’t know, it also keeps failing these cool projects. Few people talks about its open platform; Baishehui is very low key right now; Nothing heard since the announcement of iOS developer union…; And well, it also missed the chance of Microblogging market. Hope Sohu can drive it right this time.

There are a few players already in the market, including MadHouse, AdChina, Casee, Domob, Guohe, etc.

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  1. Any idea if the ad platform technology is internally built or from another source?

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