The first time I heard about Augmented Reality (AR) is Feb 2010 when I was at NetExplorateur. Layar was giving a speech there as the winner of Net10. I was amazed, totally. It’s been a year and I am expecting for similar application in China, but nothing really fascinating until today I see BreezeLiving. I am excited!

BreezeLiving is an iPhone application with Location-based which helps you search for offers nearby by providing three types of views: Augmented Reality, List and Map View. Like iButterfly from Japanese biggest advertising Dentsu, BreezeLiving also introduced the idea of location-based coupon. Hundreds of discounts are disguised as Kites in the Augmented Reality Sky which can be caught, converted, and show off and shared with your friends; BreezeLiving is also a social deal finder because every user can set up a Tribe in which friends’ deal can shared. BreezeLiving is brought by Standard Chartered. All Standard Chartered bank customers would be able to enjoy some special discount at some places. BreezeLiving is developed by FrogDesign, a global innovation firm which has office in Shanghai. MobileNow an iPhone & Android development team based in Shanghai. The application has both English and Chinese version.

So finally, AR is here in China.

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  1. Correction. This App was not developed by Frog Design. It was developed by MOBILE NOW. Frog Design developed some other Apps.

    1. Thanks, Tom. Also got contacted by MobileNow team. Have it corrected!!!

  2. Gang Lu, I may be wrong (I have just seen the video) but this does not seem at all like augmented reality. That does not make it a bad app of course (Tom & Jerry are doing a great job at creating cool apps) but this is not AR, this is “simple” mobile social commerce.

  3. Hi Bruno, you need to go into either Kite Catching or Nearby Deals to see the aumented reality in action, you also need to have a 3GS phone or above for the AR features to work otherwise you cannot access the AR. The results and presentation of the AR are no different than what you would get from Layer or other AR apps. =)

  4. thanks Jerry. in this case, maybe Gang Lu needs to be a bit more specific in the article (it was not obvious). I am glad you guys are doing well in that area. there is a lot of potential.

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