LinkedIn recently surpassed 100 million users and it’s  one of many well-known tech IPOs this year (2011 Unofficial IPO List here).

Here’s what Linkedin have accomplished since 2003. Credit goes to Mashable for this image (click the image for the full version):

The State of Linkedin (click the image for the full version)

100 Million Professinals (click image for full/clear version)

As you can see, LinkedIn has a serious penchant for infographics.   There’s a project in LinkedIn Labs called InMaps that creates the visual representation your network.   Test results at the end of the blog post:


There’s also a web tool called  You can choose whether to visualize your facebook or linkedin network using their semantic and entity extraction engine.  Depending on how big and complex your network is, mywebcareer then outputs a complete view of your online presence across search engines and you get to slice and dice them such as identifying the top companies you are associated and top industry you are affiliated with:

Test results from InMap:

Facebook something similar too called  Below is the result I got for slice and dicing my network.  It’s fully interactive and you can sort them in many ways.  Below is one way of sorting connection in accordance to the U.S. Universities I’m affiliated with.

Big Data Era is here

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