Just like Qik which recently got acquired by Skype, Weiguan (meaning look-on in Chinese) enables mobile phones (and webcam) users to record and stream videos in real time.

With Weiguan, you can use mobile phones to record the video and get it live streamed anytime and anywhere as along as 3G or Wifi is available. The video is shared on the your personal video-channel set up on Weiguan web site so that your friends can watch and comment in real time. Besides the mobile feature, if you have a webcam connected to your pc, Weiguan allows you do the live streaming too. The pity is that Weiguan now only supports Android phones, and iPhone and Symbian versions are said to be coming soon.

With the fast development of 3G, more and more people will get used to watching video on their mobile handsets. We probably have felt bored and inconvenient of the process of recording video, copying the files to desktop then uploading to video-sharing sites, the services like Weiguan will definitely meet our need to enjoy more mobile fun!

However, as in China we are quite sensitive about the video content, the idea of live streaming from everyone’s mobile phone could face a lots of non-technical hurdles.

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  1. Another app that went for Android before iPhone in China. Is there any research that analyzes this? How does it compare with the West?

  2. What’s the result of “rapid sharing video stream” in China? I don’t know how is behaviour will have further effection and would be “forget” by users very soon.

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