Following Qihoo which is the first Chinese Internet company listed in New York Stock Exchange in 2011, more Chinese Internet companies are expected to go IPO this year.

Let’s have a quick overview of these companies.

Social Networks –

  • – founded in 2005; 170 millions registered users; Softbank is biggest shareholder has ~40% company share;
  • – founded in 2008; ~102 millions registered users; reported rmb 300millions revenue in 2010; WSJ recently reported its IPO plan;
  • – a social network for kids; 180 millions registered users and 30-50 millions active users; the company is reported profitable in January 2011;
  • – the leading online dating site; ~30 millions registered users;

Online video sites –

  • – founded at April 15th, 2005, the first video sharing site in China;
  • – the most popular P2P video streaming software worldwide; raised $250millions fund from Softbank in Feb 2011

Internet Software –

  • Xunlei – owns the most popular download software; in 2008, company entered online gaming industry which is now the company’s core business;
  • Netqin – the producer of the most popular anti-virus software for mobile phones. The company has submitted the IPO application to SEC at 16th March, 2011. But the comany is suffering the scandals which is reported by CCTV saying Netqin cooperates with virus maker to cheat consumers;
  • UCWeb – the leading Chinese mobile browser which by 7th March this year has been downloaded over 700 millions times and has 200 millions users worldwide; UCWeb also wants to be the leading mobile SNS platform.

Internet Service –

E-Commerce –

  • – the leading online Travel service provider. Flight ticket price comparison is its core service;
  • – the No.1 e-commerce site for mum & kids; reported rmb 2 billions revenue in 2010.


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