Rockchip supplies 60% of the Shanzhai iPad

Shanzhai version of iPad are everywhere in China right now.  They are selling at about Rmb 1000 – 2000.  They look very much like Apple’s iPad, but in fact, run on Android operating system.  If you check on, an online retailer for Chinese products, there is one for sale at about US$200.

But what company make this possible?  I heard that 60% of these Shanzhai version of iPad have their chips supplied by Fuzhou based Rockchip.  Rockchip have complete solutions for tablet computers  running on Android operating system.  The factories just need to put together all the electronic components and a casing, and they will have a workable Android pad for sale.

If you are a VC and hope to invest in Rockchip,  you might be too late.  Rockchip’s revenue and profit soar so much with the rise of Android pad, it will soon be able to go for an IPO by itself.