Frankly speaking, I was reluctant to write about Shuoba, Baidu’s microblogging service. I thought it’s nothing new from a product point of view when it launched. The only thing worth being mentioned (and also did not make much sense to me) was that Shuoba need verify your real identity as well as your profile image to ensure you are the real person.

Today, Baidu released its new version of Shuoba. Good news is that it leaves the verification of the identity and profile image as options, you still need a mobile number for registration (as it will send you a verification code via sms), though. Another interesting feature added in this release is the TimeLine on which you can have a better idea about who’s saying what at what time, just like Plurk, the popular microblogging service in Taiwan.

We know it’s not an innovation. But I’d rather take it as a positive effort from Baidu, at least it wants something new to compete which other Chinese microblogging services.

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  1. Makes sense, despite the fact that Plurk seems to have been on the downside for a while.

  2. Seems to me a loss cause, I mean, with Tencent and Sina weibo head-to-head competition…

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