Who makes the chips for Shanzhai iPad?

Yesterday, I wrote a blog about the chip makers for Shanzhai version of iPads.  More correctly, they should be tablet computer with Android operating system.

While a VC told me 60% of their chips come from a Fuzhou based chip maker, called Rockchip, Technode readers, Timothy Chen and Tim,  said Telechips and WonderMedia are even bigger.

I have yet to checked them all out.  But it definitely is an interesting question.  Taiwan based chip maker MediaTek built its empire by supplying chips to Shanzhai ji (or Shanzhai mobile phones).   At one time it supplied the chips of 90% of the Shanzhai ji.  The monopoly was only recently broken by Shanghai based Spreadtrum.

If a chip maker can control the Android pad market, it will be another great company.  If readers of Technode know any more information about the Shanzhai iPad, please send us a note.