During the same panel “The Platform Battle: Marketplaces and Operating Systems”, K-Touch (Tianyu) Communication Equipment founder and president RongXiuli indicates that, App Store pattern has changed the previous structure of mobilephone market. However, there are still issues, such as synchronization and paying, need to be further improved, cloud synchronization might be the next trend.

She also said, new mobile application and payment method may require the involvement of more partners, including mobilephone manufacturers, content providers and operators.

She shared some of her thoughts about App Store and operating system. She raised three main concerns relating to this matter.

1) All the current app stores have clients. For its futher development, moving it directly to Web might be a good way, which would also be convenient for mobilephone clients.

2) Users expect operating system of their mobile phone permissive enough to allow a third party to join in. Moreover, there are very limited apps supported by such kind of OS more related to people’s real life demanding such as shopping, dining,or driving.

3) A convenient mobile based paying system with different means will be in need. Utilizing synchronization between Web and mobile OS might be a possible solution in the future. “What is the future for mobilephone market? When telecom operators encounter cloud synchronization, all the rules for the game will be rewritten. This is an enormous project that no single mobile company can cope with it on its own. We need the support and cooperation from more strong partners.” she said.

Rong also mentioned about a undergoing project cooperated with Ali Cloud, aiming to implement the synchronization of services and apps on the Web. By that time, “Angry birds” will fly to user’s mobile phone a lot easier than before.

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