Chen Jingxin, Senior Director of Microsoft GSR (Greater China Region) Telecommunication, Media Unit Mobile Communication business, said while Apple iOS and Google Android has competitive advantage in the smartphone competition, but Windows Phone would compete actively to be successful in 3- 5 years. On the other hand, handsets sold couple years ago now go into replacement cycle, there is still opportunity for a turnaround.

According to Chen, Windows Phone would be pushed into various countries after improving, Microsoft have made strategies to break out in the mobile market. Plus, competition would complete and optimize smartphone market.

Here’s the interview:

Gang (=G): For first question, I’d like know from your standpoint, the emerging of App Store is more like a challenge or chance?

Chen Jingxin(=C): Competition among operating system (OS) is actually about ecosystem, in which Microsoft thinks winning over developers is very important. OS is all about supporting 3rd products development and 3rd services, games included. At the same time, OS should provide customers with basic functions such as online surfing, mail receiving, making phone calls and text messaging. Microsoft believes that there might be competition in those aspects, but it could leads to a better ecosystem. A better ecosystem is important for better experience to our customers.

G: Has Windows Phone been releasing in China yet?

C: Windows Phone is the successor of the former Windows Mobile, before the birth of Android. Now we are confident to make a complete product before releasing in China. We hope we can share more about Windows Phone schedule later on.

G: Customers make decisions based on whether It’s Android-loaded or are there any new apps in Apple App Store before buying smartphones, how do you compete with them? Your product isn’t the leading one anymore, how to back to the advantageous position?

C: Good question. It’s still a burgeoning market with a history less than 10 years. Smartphone penetration is very low if we looking globally, Microsoft is determined to strike success in the mobile area. Although Microsoft is very successful in traditional business, we are not leaders either when we tap into those [mobile] areas. We catch up from behind.

As for Windows phone, we are confident to release brand new products and to win. The difference between mobile and desktop is, mobiles have a useful life of approximately 9 months before getting replaced by a cooler one. So I think the chance for Microsoft’s success in 3 to 5 years is high.

G: Ever think of cooperation with China Unicom or Apple App Store?

C: Sure, we used to work with operators, such as customized handsets with preloaded Windows Mobile. We have healthy relationships with both China Telecom, China Unicom and Sony Ericsson. We believe that it’s hard to achieve on one’s own, so sincere cooperation is crucial.

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