Our last piece about Firefox China was written a long while ago in November 2007. It’s been 3.5 years, we know they have spend lots of effort on educating the local community, developing local addons etc. Last time I visited its office was 1.5 years ago when they have left that spacial office. I was told by Dr. Gong Li, the CEO of Mozilla China, the biggest issue Firefox’s facing is the online banking as most of online banking system does not support Firefox as e-commerce is super hot in China. Since then, I seldom saw the name of Firefox/Mozilla China appear on Chinese media.

Furthermore, as mobile Internet attracts everyone’s eyeballs, we almost forgot that the war in web browser market still exists. How’s Firefox China doing recently? It seems for me it should be doing well in terms of user base and localization, but the latest result on Chinese web browser market share released by Baidu Analysis does not say so. 1.6% only goes for Firefox, I am surprised by the figure. But at least, it tells Firefox China is not growing faster than others, including the late comer Google Chrome.

Now we have Firefox 4 which is really a big hit into the global browser market, and Firefox mobile is also out, which should give Firefox China some fresh energy to heat the local market. The 2011 Mozilla Developer Conference is set to be held in Beijing at 10th May. We’ve been hearing too much about the bubble in mobile industry recently, maybe it’s time to take some break and get our web inspired a bit more.

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