Thanks to fast growing microblog service, the Tumblr-like service seems taking off in China too. Kuantu is one of the startups we’ve covered; Diandian, is another promising one founded by ex-CEO of Shanda’s GameABC and invested by Innovation Works. I just tested out a Shanda’s new service, named Tuita which is still in private test. Well, it turns out that it’s another Tumblr which was what I got at the first look.

Tuita is indeed like Tumblr. On Tuita, you can share short text, post, images, video and files with your followers. Every user can set up a personal mini site with custom template like mine. The content published on Tuita can be synced with users’ Sina or QQ’s weibo service. From product point of view, Tuita is nice designed; but function-wise compared with Tumblr, it is kind of boring

However, it’s actually a smart move for Shanda. Shanda is using Tumblr’s model to aggregate its online services:

  • Music – powered by Xiami invested by Shanda;
  • File – powered by Shanda Note, the cloud storage and file sharing service launched in October 2010;
  • Video – powered by Ku6, the online site listed in NASDAQ.

It’s not Shanda’s first try to aggregate its online service. Tangguo which was launched a few months ago is still beta. User can also share text, images and video on Tangguo, but it also runs an app store which contains Shanda‘s over 50 online casual games. Tuita is a much lighter service, but easier to go viral.

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  1. Terrible looking logo, but I’m glad they didn’t rip off Tumblr like DianDian. I like Tuita’s design better than DianDian’s.

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