Booming Android smartphone sales in China and around the world helped with Motorola’s turn over and making HTC well known. On top of that, a nascent industry — mobile apps developing — is stealthily growing.

And the burgeoning deed in China has lots of interesting and noteworthy facts. According to a report by Guohead(click to download), the leading mobile ads optimization platform in China, individual developers in China account for 42.1% of the national total of apps developers, while team with 2 to 5 people account for 28.3%, and team with 15 plus people account for 11.8%. Besides, only 35% of these team have been doing this for over a year, which means 65% of Chinese apps developers were just tap into the nascent area, with experience of no more than a year.

They have been pouring into the mobile apps area, maybe just because the market is on hype, or they decide to roll up the sleeves just after reading a story about how Angry Birds becomes a million dollar business overnight. They may come short in both funding and experience, eager to replicate success by copy successful products such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja etc..

And of all those app developers, over 70% of which are working on Android while 41.2% on iOS. Symbian is used by 13.2% developers, and although Windows Phone 7 OS is not release in China yet, nearly 10% of developers are getting prepared for apps running on the upcoming Microsoft mobile endeavor.

We believe that some devoted teams would eventually start a company, get enough funding and come out with localized ideas and apps to win over users. TechNode will continually interview some of the leading teams in China, for example, we’re talking to the Guangdong-based FUNINPUT team, which are working on iOS input methods for both iPhone and iPad, they are recently on a hiring spree, could possibly means they want to go big in app market in the wake of recent apps hype and overnight sensational stories.

Windows based Sogou input method has become a powerhouse for Sogou and Sohu, a NASDAQ listed Chinese portal, could FUNINPUT get most out of the vacancy on iOS input method area to duplicate Sogou’s success? We may find out an answer after the interview.

And what apps team are you interested in? Put them down in your comments or drop us a line, we would talk to some of them to reveal you a real and vivid Chinese app market.

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