We already knew that UMeng, a company helping developers analyze and make sense of all the data that can be gathered from mobile app users, devices and markets, has graduated from Innovation Works and moved to a new office. The Rumor has been flying that UMeng had raised $10m funding but never been confirmed. And today a friend just pinged us saying the funding has been secured and the money is from Sequoia China. (corrected by a trusted source, the deal is about to close, but it’s definitely not with Sequoia China and the amount is less than $10m.)

There are hundreds of mobile apps released everyday. No matter they are paid-apps or ads-support apps, the fact is that almost every app will face the competition from a bunch of similar services. So what become more and more important is, the Data about the users, devices and the market. The big winner will be the one who understands the Data better. The report like this one about iOS in China published by UMeng days ago is indeed very valuable for both developers, the users and the market researchers. On the other hand, even though UMeng is now only providing data gathering and reporting service, since it has the first-hand data, I would not be surprised that one day it will release its own mobile ads solution, like Flurry.

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