Tencent announced launching Q+ open platform yesterday with the tagline “Are you ready for an open internet”. The long-expected initiative would offer some of QQ’s core functions — including file transferring, content sharing, video and audio chatting — to third-party developers by means of API. According to Tencent, 3rd party developer could get the most out of its open efforts, building innovative apps on top of it while Q+ platform serving as infrastructure.

With over 650 million active users, Tencent has built a tremendous and profitable internet ecosystem, which was bitterly criticized for its closeness. A majority of the Chinese internet giant’s most lucrative businesses were built on it, it’s well-believed that that’s the reason why Tencent could not decide on an QQ software related open platform like Q+ till now. The latest addition to Chinese open platforms signals that Tencent came to realize the potential and opportunity of becoming the infrastructure of Chinese internet in the form of open platform. Other big names in Chinese internet had already done some productively venture with their own open initiatives, including RenRen Open Platform, RenRen Connect, Sina Weibo Open Platform and so on.

Tencent actually had released a bunch of open platforms in the past, for example, the OpenSNS platform built on its SNS product, Tenpay open platform, Paipai (like eBay and Taobao) open platform, QQ Connect (like Facebook Connect) and so on.

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