UMeng Introduces Social, Cloud Storage Functions For App Users, Developers

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umeng-logo <!--:en-->UMeng Introduces Social, Cloud Storage Functions For App Users, Developers<!--:--> Umeng

At our Collide Conference, UMeng’s System Architect, Gu Dikang said, they are moving towards two directions:

1) Developer Tools: Social and feedback

In the future, UMeng will also provide development tools to App developers.  One of the first tool to offer will be a SNS sharing function – it allows app users to share content to popular social networks, such as Renren, Sina Weibo.  Another one will be a user feedback function – it allows users and App developers to communicate with each other.

“We develop these tools because App developers in China think they are very useful.  In future, we will develop more,” said Gu Dikang.

2) Virtual storage space

UMeng will always provide some of the basic services required by app developers, eg., virtual storage space, which is very useful for photo sharing apps.

Founded in May 2010, UMeng provides software development kit (SDK) to app developers to help them to gather and analyse user statistics of their mobile applications. UMeng has about 30 to 40 people working at their Beijing office.  Over 4,000 mobile apps are using its statistics tool.  These apps have an aggregate of over 30 million users – that is about 50% of all smartphones in China.