At our recent Collide Conference, I interviewed Richard Brown, Vice President of International Marketing , CPU Platform of Taiwanese based chip set manufacturing company VIA Technologies, about their push into cloud computing.

Mr. Brown believes cloud computing is booming now because the infrastructure of data centres and devices are in place, operating systems such as Android are accessible and broadband internet is more available.

VIA Technologies has been a pioneer of green and low power computing. “One issue we are trying to solve is environmental. We started talking about low power PC’s 10 years ago and at that time; no one really took us seriously because they were focused on performance. But we knew that the PC market was going to grow, meaning more devices consuming more electricity and having more impact on the environment, so we focused on low power consumption. The cost of running data centres are huge, so companies are also looking to save money on power.” Said Brown.

Since VIA produces hardware for PC’s, servers and tablets they are aiming to provide solutions and connect people to the cloud across all 3 segments. “If you look at the average consumer in the future, they will probably have a smart-phone, a tablet and maybe a Smart TV all hooked up to the internet from different locations.” Said Brown.

With devices all moving towards the cloud, more data can be extracted from it. “For example, smart meters connected to devices will be able to tell you how much power you are using and how much it’s costing you, so you can save money by using it at off peak periods and pay off peak rates instead.” So with the massive amounts of data that will be transmitted “the challenge will be to boost server capacity in a scalable and environmentally friendly manner and will involve everyone from governments, power companies and manufacturers.” Said Brown.

Jason Lim

Jason is an Australian born Chinese living in Beijing, specializing in entrepreneurship, start-ups and the investment eco-system in China, especially in the tech and social area.

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