Maiku, aka Shanda Note is a cloud storage and file sharing service launched in October 2010. Shanda Note provides users a free permanent online platform to save notes, memos, documents, storage data, as well as to organize and share anytime anywhere using computers, mobile phones or other devices. As one of the eight startups presented on Technode’s recent Collide Conference: Powering the China Cloud, I had an opportunity to interview Yan Fei, senior Director from Shanda Note.

As Mr. Yan Fei stated, without any publicity, Shanda Note is still at a pre-release stage with very basic functions and relatively comprehensive terminal coverage. In order to serve better the users, Shanda Note is preparing for the release of its new version which will be a nice adjustment and consolidation to the current edition. In around a month, a series of improved versions will be released including PC, Web and mobile platforms.

Shanda Note’s new Android edition will launch in a week. What’s the new improvement?

“Comparing to the former basic one, there are some big changes for user interface experience in the new edition.” According to Yan Fei, the team collected advice and suggestions from users, so as to meet users’ needs. The new edition will be more convenient for users to take and save notes, category search and organize. The most important thing would be the futher improvement of the absolute reliability of data synchronization, which will “reach a nearly-perfect high standard.” There is massive complexity for the synchronization among different devices. While, the new edition can ensure no data loss, no matter what kind of problems occur to the device.

Are there any third party developers working on Maiku’s third party application now?

“Though the open platform has not been officially released yet, this will certainly be the thing we would like to work on. We now only have introduced several apps inside the company to lead the way, like Tuita and Youni. Maiku is a personal information integration app, whose users have their own space to create or manage. There will be no disturbance from anyone or any third party.”

What is the current data info about users?

Maiku is text-based storage service, which makes it simple and convenient to record, review and search text-based content. Now a large number of users use Maiku to save their text messages, MSN chat logs, emails, so they can search or view them easily. Launched for 6 months, Maiku now has around hundreds of thousands users, and it’s still increasing steadily. Without any promotion or publicity, the main source of new users is the recommendation of old users, which takes around 70%-80% among all, according to Mr. Yan.

There is very strong demand for mobile note service now, because the space limitation on our PC and mobile phones, also once the devices are broken, we have a good chance to lose all our important data. Cloud storage seems very promising, yet not many similar products provide such service domestically.

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