Last week at our Technode Collide Conference, Mr. Xu Hao, CEO of Camera360, announced that the Android-only photosharing app has reached 6 million users globally, in 12 months of launch.  That is doubled from a mere three months ago; on Feb 25, 2011, the app reached 3 million users.

It’s been almost 6 months since Gang last talked to Mr Xu, and predicted the app can be much better than Instagram. And yes, judging from the user figures, Camera360 has already surpassed Instagram, whose iPhone user base is at 4.25million as announced last week.

Developed by a Chengdu-based startup PinGuo Digital Entertainment and invested by Matrix Partners, Camera360 have nearly reached 6 million globally, half of which are from China, the rest half are from the US, Korea, Japan, Spain, Russia, etc. And the number is still increasing largely day by day. Different from Instagram, Camera360 focuses on growing the user base first, then a social network.

Inspiration from Color and Instagram: Accumulate users first, social network later

“Color simulates social interaction in real life. I’m inspired a lot by the introducing of its elastic social intercourse concept. Instagram tells me sharing is the trend of future. It’s still too early
to say if they are successful, because it needs a longer time to test. Now in China, there are many Instagram followers app who copy the framework and operate community directly. I find it a little risky.

A social network, especially photo app social network, should be formed in a natural procedure. Only when we have a large enough user base and large amount of data, it has the possibility to form a social network, during which time users can be active enough in the network to ensure the stickiness of a social network. Different from other similar apps in China, rather than to build the frame first, we choose to gradually advance by steps and not by leaps.” said Mr. Xu Hao.

Camera360 Iphone version will be released in a week

Initially Camera360 only support Android system, while according to Mr.Xu, its iPhone version is coming very soon (note: he also mentioned the same during our last interview). “The iPhone version will be released in a week, at latest next month.” Mr. Xu also took out his phone to show us some very cool functions of the new iPhone edition, including one hand sidelight control, fastest continuous capture modes (180 shoots per min), and multi camera,etc.

Instagram, watch out!

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