The Shanghai-based organization, Techyizu will be hosting its first Demo Day on 18th – 19th June in Shanghai to heat up the local startup environment. Seven startups including AiMiFan, Rudy Bike,, MamaZuoFan, TraderAnalytics and VXPLO have been pre-selected and are going to present. 

The events will last two days:

Day 1: seven innovative tech start-ups are to present their minimally viable product to refine their demos via a closed session with selected mentors.

Day 2: the start-ups will have 15 minutes to present their demo to a judging panel of investors and entrepreneurs.

At the closed session, the selected start-ups will get to hear first-hand experience on start-up demos and fundraising from mentors as well as have the opportunity to work with all the mentors to improve their presentations.

Taking part in the Demo Day will offer you the opportunity of gaining access to the inspiring presentation of bright ideas and having contact with down-to-earth entrepreneurs. Click here to sign up now.

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