What? Tianjin Airline Now Gets a Plane Named Sina Weibo

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140 millions users by end of April, that’s the latest figure released by Sina weibo. Weibo has become a phenomenon in Chinese web. If you don’t have a weibo account yet, you are out.

Tianjin Airline, has just done probably the most interesting marketing campaign with weibo: one of its planes is now named Sina Weibo. The plane is nicely decorated with Sina weibo theme: a huge Sina weibo logo printed on the body; and on the back of each seat, you will see a message saying:

when you leave the plane, don’t forget your luggage, wallet or other personal belongings, and our Sina weibo official account, weibo.com/gsair.

Seriously, it would be perfect if they can provide internet access so that the traveler can publish weibo in the air!

[source: Sina News]