Recently, led by the Ministry of Culture, China forms the Internet Music Industry Development Consortium which consisted of Internet music operators and Internet music content providers in an effort to promote a healthy copyright environment for the country’s Internet music industry. About 20 companies have joined the association and signed up a protocol to encourage indigenous music products and combat piracy, including Chinese music firms China Record Corporation, Ocean Butterflies Music Co., Internet giants Tencent, Sina, Tudou and Baidu, as well as the three major telecom operators: China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom.

Earlier, Baidu in particular was criticized by Western music companies, Chinese musician Union,and other associations for aiding Chinese web users looking for illegal music content. Baidu will launch its own online music body Ting, which will be offering licensed music albeit only with Chinese copyright holders signing up. Meanwhile, the links of pirated music on Baidu will be cleaned up by the end of June.

Baidu Ting is a new music platform of Baidu which launched its open beta testing version on June 8th. According to Baidu representative Liang Kangni, Baidu Ting currently has already amassed 500,000 songs in storage, and plans to further enlarge it to one million. The songs are mostly purchased from the copyright side by Baidu. The good thing for users is that there are no plans of charging any fees yet.

Currently Baidu Ting is consist of four main columns,Public Square, Radio, Top List and My Ting!, with more personalised and communitilized features.

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