In some sense, our digital life is really messed up by tens and hundreds of online services these days. We have been talking about an unified online identity for years but seems no solution to it, and now, with the fast growing mobile internet industry (mobile apps, smart phones, 3g/4g networks), the situation is even worse: we have a couple of LBS check-in services to try, quite a few of  mobile photo-sharing service and so on. It is getting more and more difficult to follow our friends online simply because we have no ideas how many online identities he/she has and which services he/she are using more often. No need to say, in the era of mobile web, it’s all about what is happening now, we have to be sure that we can follow our friends’ interests and activities in no time.

So we still need something like FriendFeed, especially in Chinese web where we often see a few sites/apps offering the very similar service., founded by mobile internet veteran Stan Chu who also co-founded iNezha and 30Miao and Liu Gangqiang, is in private test aiming to be the one Stop social service to follow up with your friends’ online activities. Launched in May, YouRen has integrated with 18 popular online service including Sina weibo, Tencent weibo, Xiami, Tumblr, Instagram, QZone, Flickr, Diandian etc. Like FriendFeed, user can follow others on Youren so that their updates/activities on those services will appear in his/her news stream. You can then comment on those updates or share the ones you like to your friends. YouRen is to build One online identity for every one, so that every YouRen will be given one unique url (mine is here) which is like an page on which all the social services you use and link to YouRen are listed.

I like YouRen and am more expecting its mobile apps which would be even more convenient for users to follow up and communicate with their friends’ digital life. If you want an invite code to test it out, please just drop a comment with your email address.

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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