June 21, Diandian.com held its press conference to celebrate its million users and moving out from Innovation Works, the startup incubator founded by Kaifu Lee. Diandian founder Jack Xu stated on the conference, the number of Diandian register users has reached 1 million on June 3rd, which means Diandian gains 11 users every minute average after its open for registration on April 7. It took Twitter more than a year to have the same magnitude base of users, and 10 months for Facebook. Diandian grows as five times as the growth rate of Facebook.

Founded by Jack Xu, former Renren head, Diandian is the China’s Tumblr clone, a light-blogging social community providing users a platform for creating and sharing their original user generated contents, with emphasis on customization and ease of use. Aiming to create a interest-based high quality content community, Diandian enables users to create and share 5 types of contents, text, picture, music, video and link by simply clicking the buttons on the top of page. The site has powerful interactive functions.

On last friday’s Wudaokou Salon held in Wudaokou, Beijing, Jack Xu shared his view on the topic, Evolution of Blog. He said, traditional types of media are outdated modes just like black and white televisions and radios, though still in existence but are not future trends already. “I am a believer of Web2.0. I believe in no homepage, no  editor, no anything, only your own eyes. The system will match and tell me what kind of content you like, or what content you want. Everyone is their own editor.”

As the quickest incubated project in Innovation works, it only takes Diandian two months to move out from Innovation Works after launching, with more than USD10 million capital it seized from big names like Sequoia Capital and Ceyuan Ventures.According to Jack Xu, Diandian is aiming to gain 10 million users by the end of this year, and 100 million users in the next two to three years in the future.

So far, DianDian copies about 80% of Tumblr’s functionalities. Hoping that Diandian is going to push their unique localised innovations soon.

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