Listen! Plants vs Zombies Music Played By Chinese Guzheng

1 min read

You probably never heard of Guzheng, the Chinese ancient instrument, but like many others you should know Plants vs. Zombies, one of the most popular games on iPhone. I used to talk to James Gwertzman, VP of Asia/Pacific at PopCap Games who told me that surprisingly China actually the No.4 best sell country for its paid PvZ game. People here love Plants and Zombies. As James recently said in a press conference in Shanghai,

The passion for Plants vs. Zombies here in China is incredible. PvZ has tremendous, unprecedented brand awareness and popularity in China with almost one million people already signed up to a PvZ page on There is superb demand for the game and we are excited to deliver the world’s first online multiplayer adaptation of Plants vs. Zombies in China very soon.

If you are fan of PvZ and also curious about Guzheng, I would suggest you to watch the video below. Two Chinese musician are playing the background music of PvZ with four Guzheng. You will be amazed!