Youku CEO Gu Yongqiang blogged his video platform’s focus in the next five years recently——continuously improve user experience, enhance brand awareness and cooperate with television networks and film studios to achieve win-win situation.

Here is what Gu wrote on his blog:

We are preparing for the next five years with huge platform traffic, large user base, solid technology products, good content repository, productive marketing and monetization model and ever-growing brand advantage etc.

In the next five years, the video sector will enter an age that emphasize user-orientation, brand and interaction, therefore Youku currently focuses on:

Firstly, we will continue to improve user experience and invest in various fields including technology, products, cooperation and our own video production. We want to be the biggest internet buyer of copyrighted movies and TV programs in China, while reinforce our leading position in variety show video, and experiment with “Youku productions” based on the features of internet-connected TV.

For example, in order to meet the users’ needs, we will build special video search engine and expand to mobile and tablet area.

Secondly, we will enhance brand awareness of Youku. Our image could be summarized as ”healthy,true and dream-realizing”. We believe Youku will enhance brand awareness and create more value for our users.

Thirdly, we are going to deepen and expand our cooperation with TV networks and film studios in the next five years, and maximize the value of our platform.

It is worth noting that on June 20, the day before Gu Yongqiang’s announcement, Sohu had just launched the“7 movies”project  which aims to produce its own “fancy” block-busters. Actually , most video Site heads come from Sohu, like Gong Yu(Qiyi), Li Shanyou (Ku6), Wang Jianjun ( , Zhanghe (, Zeng Hufu(OpenV) as well as Gu Yongqiang .

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