QQ International (QQi), the international version of Tencent’s QQ (officially launched in December 2010), just released its new version.

Now this multi-language version of QQ comes with 6 language including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. Like Google Wave, QQi integrates with inline real-time translator which means you would be able to chat with people in any language; Be more fun, you can now draw and send graffiti with the new Paint Editor from your chat window.

This new release also added a shortcut button for QZone to access Tencent’s popular social network. And it does not forget the hottest Weibo market, QQ micro blog shortcut is also enabled on QQi, so you can now have access to real-time news updates from your contacts.

Pony Ma promised to open up Tencent, which also effects QQi. The most interesting new features comes with QQi is its so-called App Box. The App Box has includes a couple mini-apps from News (ICS), Lifestyle (CityWeekend), Deals (KUUKIE) etc. Users can basically add those apps and later find them in My Apps tab.

“Get QQi and Get plugged into China”, which is what QQi team promises to QQi’s users. Even the QQi’s Facebook Page is set up to welcome comments from non-Chinese speaking users all over the world.

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