We wrote about Chinese B2C powerhouse will be releasing its own smartphone, some updates here. According to people familiar with the matter, Alibaba smartphone will be launched officially by the end of this month while on sale since next month.

The Ali-phone was curated by AliCloud, an Alibaba Group’s subsidiary focusing on cloud computing research, along with chipset supplier Nvidia and Chinese cellphone vendor K-Touch. It will be equipped with Nvidia Tegra 2 Duo-core processer, based on Android 2.2, with an expected price range of RMB 2800 to 3000 yuan.

The customized phone will be featuring some of Alibaba services, including Cloud-based search, cloud-based storage, Mobile Wangwang(Alibaba’s approach to instant messaging), AliBrowser and so on. Especially noteworthy is Alibaba offers all its mobile phone customers with up to 500 G of free storage space.

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