According to a Nielsen report published this year, mobile apps are distributed mostly via app stores but the irony is this: apps are discovered only 58% of the time there. App developers and branded app owners are increasingly cluttered out of these stores and getting their apps found is a problem.’s app advertising network helps apps get discovered out of the app stores and distributed via any web properties on the internet. The solution uses the open web as the distributions network for app discovery and help app owners avoid the over-crowded stores.

As brands join in the mobile app revolution, they too, are facing the same discovery problem in the app stores. According to the same survey, consumers search for branded apps only 21% of the time in the stores, resulting in low downloads for the branded app owners.

This makes it the perfect time for web publishers to capitalize on the problem by using their websites as an app discovery and distributions channel, while making money along the way. For example, a car review website can showcase apps by car brands such as Toyota or Volkswagen through our highly interactive and engaging rich-media widgets. These “smart” widgets can be tailored to the website’s look and feel and show apps targeted by device platform, countries, categories and even keywords.

The widgets act as mini app stores which is plugged into the web property. Since the apps are highly targeted to the websites’ audience, app consumers “serendipitously” discover apps which they did not even know existed in the first place.’s free self-service tools help to match publishers with targeted advertisers and vice-versa. App owners who want to showcase their apps will be able to choose related web properties to advertise in, also using the self-service system.

With the web as a far reaching distributions network, is solving the very issue plaguing the mobile app world: mobile app discovery.

Apart from being an ad network, is also an app wholesale marketplace which charges only 5% fees to app developers. With a 95% payout, app developers can sell directly to app consumers at wholesale prices, cutting out the standard app stores’ fee of 30%. (applicable to non-iOS apps).

For app developers and brand owners, visit to start getting apps discovered using the system. For web publishers, learn how to make money for a website using the free Smart Widgets here. is a technology start-up company incorporated in Singapore, with investment from I-Freek Inc (JASDAQ-listed, Japan). Together with I-Freek as their Japanese partner-cum-investor, is set to launch their solutions in Japan early August 2011.

Jason is an Australian born Chinese living in Beijing, specializing in entrepreneurship, start-ups and the investment eco-system in China, especially in the tech and social area.

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