I Laughed to Tears: Just One Click, Your Google Map Will be Changed to Sogou Map

Sogou Map, the map service operated by Sohu, today released its new Javascript API. The API itself I think it might be good, but they also offers a so-called One-Click service which makes me laugh to tears.

Basically Sogou Map is telling Google Map developers, they just need one click, their Google Map scripts will be changed to Sogou Map scripts. And if you check the resulting scripts, they just simply replace the word Google to Sogou, then it becomes Sogou Map!! This is damn innovative!!!???

And here is how Sogou Map introduces this one-click service:

If you are worried about the License issue of your Map solution provider,

If you are worried about if your Map service is stable enough,

If you are wondering if it’s going to be complicated if switch to another Map solution,

Try Sogou Javascript API 2.0, just One-Click, then it’s DONE!

From Google to Sogou, Only One-Click away!!!

My poor Google….