Chinese startup ecosystem is even more vitalized with the kickstart of Beijing program of Startup Leadership Program, an entrepreneur, founder and leader training program originated from U.S. and later on spread over the world, from Boston, Chicago, New York, Silicon Valleyand San Diego in U.S., London in UK, to Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi in India, and now coming to Beijing and Hong Kong in China.

According to SLP Beijing Program leader Tony An, the program is characterized by its globally scattered network from which you can learn a lot, inspiring peers with whom you can share experience, and seasoned mentor from whom you can gain support. SLP to date had curated 100 startups that have raised US$ 88 million in total.

Some of SLP’s graduates include online fitness community and app vendor RunKeeper, online sharing tool Shareholic and personalized information network Pinyadda. The program’s main focus lies on areas such as life science, technology, clean tech and social enterprise. But innovative and even disruptive ideas are always welcomed.

Globally, SLP has established partnership with some of the top-notch venture capitals including Accel, WI Harper, Longworth Venture Partners etc.

SLP fellows will receive coaching from industrial experts, professional VCs and get to brainstorm your idea into another level with your peers across the world. At the current state, all selected fellows will have access to the chance of being funded by venture capitals, and SLP has also been considering investing in some of the best programs if it sees fit.

For anyone who wants to be a part of the world-class network to get inspired, you can now apply for the program on its website.

Also, there’re more and more similar programs and opportunities in China, like those we reported before, TiSiWi and Chinaaccelerator, which bode well for the ever-rising entrepreneurship in China.

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