The leading social game vendor Zynga has teamed up with Tencent to bring its popular title CityVille into Chinese game market. The Chinese version of CityVille will be rebranded as Zynga City,

The title will first be made available in beta version on Pengyou, Tencent’s latest approach to social networking site, and then spread over other Tencent platforms including QQZone and so on.

Lin Xinzhi, General Manager of Zynga China, said that “as a professional social game vendor, we fully appreciate Tencent platform’s value and service capacity. CityVille is our most popular title. Zynga is proud to partner with Tencent to bring the innovation and pleasure of this title to Chinese players. We’re excited to present Chinese players with localized Zynga City, and hope our users can communicate with each other in an interesting and warm way.”

Tencent Open Platform General Manager Lin Songtao remarked that, as an excellent social game developer, Zynga is experienced in game development, service and support. We hope Zynga City will be a success on our platform. We will keep improving our abilities in serving the 3rd party developers through cooperation with more and more top-notch social game developers. We’re expecting more and more international social game vendors will bring their successful titles to Tencent Open Platform to boost the rapid growth of the social game market in China. This will in turn benefit all the social game developers.

Zynga City will cater for Chinese market and audience with localized contents and features designed by Chinese game designer, including new items and architectures that Chinese players are familiar with, events and competition related to Chinese holidays and news, and gaming mechanisms fit in Chinese culture. For instance, you can send out a peddler to your friend’s virtual city in the game.

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