DeNA entered Chinese mobile market by acquiring the local mobile social network Tianxia back in July 2009. It’s been two years, we’ve been wondering how DeNA would bring its popular mobile games into Chinese mobile market. Finally today DeNA released its Chinese version of Mobage, the mobile social game platform which has ~30 millions users in Japan.

The Chinese version of Mobage is only available on Android phone now and it comes with 4 games including its two in-house social games, Ninja Royale and Aqua Collection. “All 4 games are originally Japanese games and localized by our Chinese team.” said Wang Yong, the CEO of DeNA China, “and by the end of next month, we will have 10 games in total available on Mobage China platform.”

On Mobage, the players are able to interact with others by adding friends, sending messages and even playing against each other etc. All games are free to download and play, but in order to buy some virtual goods you need spend real money to get so-called M-coin which is the virtual currency in the Mobage platform. The mobile version of Alipay payment gateway is integrated into Mobage.

As Wang Yong introduced, “Mobage platform will be open to all Chinese third-party mobile game development companies or individual developers. We will provide them with the Mobage SDK (ngCore) for the game development. More important, we will leave 70% of the earning from the game to the third-party.”

The Chinese company, Papaya is offering the similar service for both China and oversea market, and it now has ~23 millions users worldwide (80% of its users are actually from oversea), according to Richard O’Connell, the COO of Papaya.

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