Today TechNode is officially launching a new free database service called (alpha version). The database, available in English and Chinese, is packed with very useful information organized by China/Asia technology companies, key individuals and investors as well as information about fundraisings and acquisitions. Nodeble is the first to launch a bi-lingual tech industry database in China.

As TechCrunch’s Crunchbase serves as a very informative resource for start-ups and investors, we felt that China’s booming start-up ecosystem deserved something similar. After meeting with many VC’s and start-ups in China, a common problem we hear is not- knowing where to find a comprehensive overview of companies and people, resulting in inefficiency and frustration. So we created an easy to use database for people to see a snapshot of companies, people and investors.

Although we are based in China and have a focus here, TechNode aims to put a spotlight on the greater Asian region. So if you would like to add information about Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore or other Asian countries please go ahead!

When you first log-in to, you will see the latest entries show up in the middle and links to add your own record by company, individual or investment firm. This is super useful for Chinese start-ups who want to get their profile out into the open to be discovered by potential investors or customers.

Profiles will contain different sets of information:

  • Company – milestones, videos, website screenshots, office location, management, products, competitors, contact info, date established
  • Investment firms – background, milestones, videos, screenshots, office location, key people, contact info
  • People – background, milestones, videos, education, company profile example

We collected the information from previous interviews, company websites and various trustworthy news websites. As information constantly changes and since it will be eventually a wiki-style database that allows anyone to post a profile, we are relying on our great community of readers to make sure information is up to date and accurate.

As of launch today, TechNode team and its volunteers already filled the database up with 909 records. Here is a breakdown:

The Nodeble is still in an alpha version, which means the system might be a buggy, some features are not visible for public and the Wiki-feature is currently not available too (all entries submitted need be validated by the admin team). More functions will be added to Nodeble in coming days too.

Please do submit the entry about you or your company if they are not there! Any comments and suggestions for improvements will be very much welcome!

Enjoy Nodeble!

Jason Lim

Jason is an Australian born Chinese living in Beijing, specializing in entrepreneurship, start-ups and the investment eco-system in China, especially in the tech and social area.

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