OK. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the Chinese iCloud. According to anonymous staff of Kingsoft, the long-established office and security software vendor has been in talks with Xiaomi Tech to release the Chinese counterpart of Apple’s iCloud.

As a matter of fact, it has been widely speculated that Kingsoft and Xiaomi Tech will cooperate with and complete each other’s business lines with their own offerings since the day Leijun, the CEO of newly-founded Xiaomi Tech and former head of Kingsoft, went back to steer the swaying ship on the heels of Kingsoft founder Qiu Bojun announced his retiring. So in some level we kinda already expected that.

According to the insider, Kingsoft KuaiPan (similar to dropbox or iCloud) will be incorporated into Xiaomi Tech offerings, Xiaomi mobile phone maybe. Xiaomi is the leading and aggressive domestic mobile apps vendor while Kingsoft KuaiPan has won a name for its convenient and secure cloud-storage feature, which resembles what Apple offers its customers with iCloud. Kingsoft can gain access to a broader user base while Xiaomi can complete its to-be-released mobile with cloud-based storage space, it’s a flawless combination.

Kingsoft KuaiPan supports Windows, Android, iPad and iPhone with free 5G storage space (could be upgraded to 15G later) for every registered user. Also KuaiPan will automatically sync your files between difference devices or platforms.

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