NeuroSky yesterday declared that Haier Group will adopt its brainwave technology in the latest Cloud smart TV.

Cloud Smart TV is a new product which represents the development trend of Smart TV. It provides exciting “Cloud Family” experience to consumers. This means that Smart TV is stepping into cloud service, which is a milestone in lifestyle change. This new TV is scheduled to be available in October.

NeuroSky’s brainwave technology can detect human’s brainwave signal. Brainwave pattern unveils people’s mental state. MindReader can interpret people’s mental state into digital signal that machines can recognize.

Different with the traditional TV, this Smart TV can interact with TV viewers via NeuroSky’s MindReader headset. The brain-controlled TV applications can help children practice their abilities to concentrate or relax. Meanwhile, it can help adults to relax under stress and control their mental state.

Dr. Taoming Wang, Senior Director of Haier Global Strategic Cooperation and CTO of Haier Cloud Platform, says, “Thanks to NeuroSky for its advanced technology, which provides great support to Haier’s Home Cloud Solution. It enables Haier better meet the global consumers’ needs on cloud service.”

Tony Zhang, General Manager of NeuroSky Greater China says, “Haier is a well-known leader in consumer electronics. NeuroSky is very excited to cooperate with Haier, which means that our brainwave technology has made great progress in consumer electronics market. Smart TV is moving into cloud service with strong momentum. We look forward to becoming an integrated part of this new trend.”

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