Qihoo 360, the Nasdaq listed internet security software vendor, delivered its own solution to mobile messaging with the debut of a kik-like service: Kouxin(口信, means oral message in Chinese).

According to Hu Hao, the vice president of Qihoo, Kouxin is an address book-based social and communication tool that focus on friends and real connections. The product which supports iPhone, Android and Symbian can let users send text messages, voice messages and pictures for free.

Actually, as we mentioned before, there’re tons of similar services in China at present while a few of them have done serious “micro-innovations” like with the adding of LBS feature, so late comer like Kouxin without strong user base in place might see frightening competition in such an area.

The unique edge of Kouxin lies on its “reliability” and “security”. Hu said that, under certain conditions that users will miss out on new messages due to network coverage problems, whereas Kouxin can solve the problem and make sure users get what they should get, be it sms, voice messages or pictures.

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