At an invitation only event on September 17, Yuanfen~Flowä, a unique business incubator in the 798 Art District, launches Version 3.0.

Yuanfen~Flow believes the world is on the cusp of a tech renaissance that China will lead.  Their mission is to help incubate this renaissance.

David Ben Kay, Founder of Yuanfen~Flow says, “When there’s a renaissance, the walls separating disciplines melt away and innovation flows.  The Leonardo da Vincis – or modern day “dream teams” – bring insights from their respective fields, cultures and experiences and come together to collaborate to produce innovative solutions.  At YuanFen~Flow, we believe this type of innovation is a vital component to sustainable, impactful business success.”

Yuanfen~Flow has created an out-of-the-box environment where entrepreneurs work alongside each other within a community of business people, technologists, artists and designers, allowing for continual collaboration and Flow among incubated projects. The incubator provides services, connections and facilities customized to the needs of individual entrepreneurs, foreign companies seeking to understand China before entering, and China-based companies seeking inspired solutions outside their existing structures.

Giulio Abbate of Yuanfen~Flow’s leadership team says, “Version 3.0 provides a residency program for eligible companies that is both rigorous and nurturing. We provide in-house consulting on finance, legal, design and marketing strategy. “  Sumeet Harrish, who’s incubating his start-up, Customaid, at Yuanfen~Flow said that in addition to the consulting and connections which he’s found invaluable, “I like the fact that Yuanfen~Flow believes nurturing the body nurtures the imagination: they’ve got a gym, lap pool and gourmet kitchen.  It’s a great environment for being productive, efficient and creative.“

Matt Devine, founder of Muuyu, a platform that brings the online, one-on-one experience between student and teacher to a new level, finds that incubating at Yuanfen~Flow is accelerating the start-up’s progress.  “We’re leveraging Yuanfen~Flow’s knowledge and experience-base as well as its network to be able to bring Muuyu to market in the shortest time possible.”

As China shifts from manufacturer to inventor, Yuanfen~Flow, with over 200 years of experience across its leadership and advisory teams, is poised to capitalize on this shift.

Jason is an Australian born Chinese living in Beijing, specializing in entrepreneurship, start-ups and the investment eco-system in China, especially in the tech and social area.

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