At last Saturday’s TechNode Touch event titled “Online To Offline: A Discussion On The Emerging Ecommerce ”, a dozen of teams with creative thought and excellent craftsmanship were singled out to demo their fresh ideas in front of people including investors from Innovation Works and Bertelsmann, those engaging in internet business and people who want to be entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.

The event was kicked off with two panel discussion with great speakers from IW, 360buy, Meituan, eLong etc. And the demo session started with a funky project named by three Stanforder and one CMUer with impressive working experience.

The project is focusing the discovery and promotion of underground music in Beijing and with a mission of leading the nightlife revolution in China.

Underground music has always been something growing stealthily here without too much attention, has an ambition to change the status quo with their offerings to help underground music community appealing to a much more broader user base.


360Fashion Network

America-born Europe-raised Anina is one of the top foreign model in China with both insightful knowledge in fashion and tech, “that’s why we will be successful in what we’re doing”, said Anina.

Years of modeling life give Anina wide connection in fashion business, but she’s also a techie. That’s how and why she come up with the idea of 360Fashion, the company is building relationship with renowned fashion brands including MANGO, HUGO BO SS and so on to serve as social media outlets in China.

They’re also doing an app that will be preinstalled in 2 million mobiles.



Founded by seasoned salesperson Xia Huajuan, CGStars aims to be the portal for CG industry with services ranging from imaginary stock, sale of tutorials, outsourcing, to recruitment and so on.

It’s target audience including CG lovers, CG designers, AE from agencies.


24Zhuo has been a direct or indirect inspiration for couple of local startups in some aspects, the idea has been raved about amongst a group of social promoters. 24Zhuo is one of them.

Adam Pan, founder of 24Zhuo said that the idea of 24Zhuo has extended the original model by leveraging social power. 24Zhuo base its infrastructure on popular and influential social platform in China including Sina Weibo and Renren. People can create events on the website and invite their friends to come.



According to a recent report, as of late last month there’re over 5300 group buying sites in China, it’s almost definitely that majority of them will eventually failed and disappeared sooner or later. One way to fight one’s way out is to go vertical, at least that’s what Liu Jiannan, founder of Budoutuan believes.

The group buying vertical is focusing on pet supplies. The company also owns offline store and dog shed.



If you love Wii, you will love what the group led by Zhao Tiejun is doing. They’re realizing a geek’s dream. Their company, VMSENS Inertial Technology is focus on MEMS inertial motion tracking & sensor fusion technology area. Their motion measurement products integrated gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetic sensor and GPS, etc, hi-efficiency sensor fusion algorithm ease the motion tracking and analysis procedure, push user interactive to the next level.



Ever since Sina Weibo and other microblogging services appeal to a broader user base as compared to other social media in China, more and more forward-thinking brands came to realize the power of social marketing, and have been trying so hard to market themselves on the Weibo platform. However, since social marketing is still in its nascent period, how do brands measure their social efforts?

That’s when Ads!t comes into play. With its package offering, brands can extent their reach on weibo as well as have a clear mind about the effectiveness.



Ever get the feeling you could’t get to know who you’re supposed to talk or connect at a conference, or you don’t have sufficient time to exchange business cards with them?

Zaizher is made to solve that kind of itches. The service aims to help you expand your career connections when you’re attending all kinds of meetups or conferences. It also adds a blend of elastic social network, e-business card exchanging and IM functions.

Launched in last month, Zaizher now has about 5000 users. It has an ambitious vision to become the one and only platform to help users building up, organizing and maintaing their contacts.

Zaizher has received angel funding and is now looking for Series A funding.


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