For Apple crazed fans in Hong Kong, their dreams will come true when its first Apple flagship store open on September 24th in the International Financial Centre in Central.

Most people know that if you want Apple products, Hong Kong is one of the cheapest places to get them. Even people from China prefer to get Apple products there. This is because there is no sales tax. Additionally the price in Hong Kong is roughly the same as America since the HKD$ is pegged to the USD$.

A friend from Hong Kong is indeed an Apple fanatic and proudly displays his collection of products on a table. One time, we were at a restaurant in Sanlitun Village and his head was surrounded by the bright illuminated Apple sign, like a kind of Apple angel. He will likely be one of crowd eagerly lining up in front of the new flagship store, come open day.

I remember when the Sydney Apple flagship store opened, everyone marvelled at how simple but sophisticated it was. With a totally glass exterior and positioned on the main street of the city, passersby could see all the action happening inside. They even have some private music concerts held in the flagship store.

Apple Flagship Store – Sydney

In Beijing’s flagship Apple store, people young and old go there to play with everything iOS. It’s actually a good place to kill time or surf the net. I see many kids just playing with iPads until they get hooked and then beg their parents to buy one.

Apple Flagship Store – Beijing

Given the architectural attraction of most flagship stores, it will be exciting to see what the Hong Kong one has in store!

Apple Flagship Store – New York
Apple Flagship Store – Shanghai

What is your favorite Apple flagship store?

Jason is an Australian born Chinese living in Beijing, specializing in entrepreneurship, start-ups and the investment eco-system in China, especially in the tech and social area.

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