Tech Briefings: Tencent Invests In 3C Site; Lashou To Initiate IPO Soon

1. Tencent Invested In B2C 3C Site

Newly founded B2C 3C site confirmed its partnership with Tencent. The site was founded on June 28 this year with an sharpen focus on 3C products ranging from computer, mobile, home appliance.

The new comer differentiates itself from or NewEgg China by its “city-focus” strategy, that means, builds an independent website for each city it operates in. It also delivers and provides after-sale service through the city branches, just like a local store next to your neighborhood. That’s exactly what the big names are missing.


2. Serial Entrepreneur Wang Xin Launches Tumblr-like Service

Serial Entrepreneur, founder of Fanfou (Twitter-like service), Xiaonei (aka and Meituan Wang Xin marches into social media forefront again with the debut of, a Tumblr-like service.

The site is sill in beta version and you need an invitation to sign up, but for those who already are users, just login in with you Fanfou account and try it out.

3. Lashou To Initiate IPO Soon, Rumor Says So

According to unconfirmed rumor, Lashou, the China’s Groupon copy, will initiate IPO process soon. And hold on, there’s a rumor yesterday saying the company is delaying its IPO due to the retreat of investment banks.

The latest spreading rumor said that Lashou actually is looking for new underwriters to replace Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

Interestingly, Groupon puts off its IPO plan due to market turmoil, if Lashou’s IPO rumor is true. Then Groupon will have to see the swift-footed newcomer go public even before itself.