You may read some rumor about Google’s new toy Nexus 3. It looks quite attractive for Android or Google fans as it most likely will come with Ice Cream Sandwich, i.e. so called Android 4. However, the big question is who is going to be manufacturer. Some people think it will be Samsung which makes Nexus 2; and some believe it will be HTC, which is also what I heard lately from a friend who is working close to HTC. And he also confirmed that the Nexus 3 will be NFC enabled, which could really kick off the NFC business in 2012.

After years of development, it seems NFC will finally take off with more big guys joining the ecosystem. Phone manufacturers like Nokia has shown strong interests in NFC. Nokia launched its online NFC shop and NFC phone (which is making fun with Angry Birds); HTC is reported to launch its NFC phone soon. “China UnionPay will be working with HTC for its NFC-powered mobile payment solution” the insider said, “but we will not see a huge promotion about it until early next year.”

Mobile phones with GPS enabled really change the mobile business and make Location-based services real; so for mobile services/apps developers it might be the time to think about how NFC may change their existing business/service models.

Nexus 3 will be on market by end of  2011, said the insider.

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