Innovation Work’s Backed Start-up, Tapas Mobile, Does Social Mobile Contacts

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Tapas Mobile (aka DianxinOS),  a start-up incubated in Innovation Works is working on a mobile phone address book contact management system. Basically it aims to make your contacts on your phone more sophisticated, allowing you to perform  smart contacts search, text messaging, and business card exchange function in one, and now support Android 2.2 or after.

With a contact list of 10,000 the average contact retrieval time is only 0.01 seconds and is supported by 17 matching algorithms to help you find what you are looking for, faster. As long as you remember any part of a contact, the address book will return all the best match options. In the picture, the example shows that entering ‘1365’ will return all related contacts with any combination of the number ‘1365’. This also applies to emails, notes and anything else stored in your phone.

Another key feature of Dianxin adress book, is a Bump like feature of sharing contacts. After shaking phones next to each other, the contact info automatically transfers after clicking “Add to contacts’.