1. Fruit Ninja Partners With China Mobile To Offer China Market-Tailored Game

Halfbrick Studio, the company behind top-selling casual game Fruit Ninja has partnered with China Mobile, the world’s largest operator by user base to bring a China market tailored version of its sensational hit Fruit Ninja to the latter’s Mobile Market, a service China Mobile positioned as its app store.

According to Shainiel Deo, China Mobile version of Fruit Ninja will be featuring a bunch of local flavors, for instance, adding new fruit peach and background images with the twelve zodiac animals that stem from traditional Chinese culture.

The company discloses that to date all versions of Fruit Ninja have an aggregate of over 60 million downloads. You can play the game on iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows Mobile Phone, Xbox, Symbian phone, Samsung Bada phone and even on Facebook.

2. China Telecom To Release Mobile IM YiLiao With Free Voice Messaging

As we mentioned last time that China Mobile is launching a Kik like service Feiliao that enables free text messaging after China Unicom announced launching WoYou, a free texting tool. So out of the big three operators in China, China Telecom is the only one who turns a blind eye to the mobile trend.

Now China Telecom couldn’t hold it anymore. According to people familiar with the matter, the second operator in China is also tapping into the market with its own offering YiLiao that allows users to send free text/voice/multimedia messages.

When Kik first made its debut back in 2009, people are screaming it will “Kill SMS”. Now it seems at least the Chinese operators are striking first.

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