Samsung is holding two Bada developer events in Beijing and Chengdu today and this weekend at 24th. To build a good ecosystem, the developers obviously are the key. To make them happy, I heard that from a friend from Samsung’s management team, they are willing to give some Bada phones for free to the developers.

I never tried Bada phone, so could not comment on its performance. A friend who used to working for Samsung in London said that Samsung had over one hundreds engineers working on it, in other words it must be a serious operation system for smart phone. But my concern is that how serious Samsung is about Bada? As you may know, Samsung also makes Android phones, and also Window Mobile phones.

Talked to an insider last week, here are his comments on my questions:

  • Samsung’s strategy on mobile device is to be the Cross-MobileOS, which is the reason that you see Samsung’s Nexus 2 in Google I/O and its Windows tablet in Microsoft Build 2011 conference;
  • Samsung (at least in smart phone market in China) will continue to focus on Android. (He said ~85% of effort will be on Android, ~15% on Bada);
  • As a traditional phone manufacturer, Samsung needs the Bada, its own mobile operating system (they used to compete with Nokia’s Meego). Bada is now in China, but Samsung does not have an ambitious goal for it. Like my friend said, it just has to be here in the massive market.

Bada’s app store for Chinese market is also available. Let’s see how fast and efficient Samsung can drive it.

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