1. Tencent Teams Up With HTC To Launch QQ Phone

After the hype of Xiaomi Phone and Aliyun Mobile, now it’s the Shenzhen-based giant penguin’s turn to grab attention. Tencent is reportedly initiating a strategic partnership with smartphone manufacturer HTC to offer a new model HTC Cha Cha with preloaded QQ services including mobile QQ client, mobile QZone, mobile Tencent Weibo and so on at RMB2498 ($390).

2. Baidu Online Recruiting Solution Baijob.com Went Online Today

Baijob.com, the online recruiting solution by Baidu went online today. We wrote about the Baidu subsidiary about two months ago and since then have been hearing progress and updates about the service on and off, and now it’s finally up.

Chinese online recruiting market has long been dominated by the big three, namely 51job, ChinaHR and Zhaopin while classified sites like Ganji.com and 58.com are in scramble for the rest of the market.

To some extent, online recruiting is a sales-driven business in China, will traditionally techie-driven Baidu fare well in this particular territory? Let’s see. But as of now if you search for a position on Baijob, it’s patently noticeable that Baijob isn’t on a par with the big three just in terms of the available positions.

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