China Unicom to Allow Apple iPads to Make Calls

1 min read

China Unicom Research Vice President, Huang Wenliang, revealed yesterday at the Macworld Conference that they have launched an Institute for R&D for iOS products. Some projects will be just experiments and some will go to market. 6 of the most recent developments have or will soon hit the App Store.

One radical feature to be released is Woxin 1.0, a piece of downloadable software the gives iPad or iPod Touch devices to make calls. If this is the case, what is really the difference between an iPhone of an iPod Touch that can make calls? Will this cannabalize sales of iPhones because iPod Touches are cheaper? Perhaps they don’t care as long as it drives them more traffic and users.

Huang Wenliang said “we hope to develop more outstanding APP application, and further stimulate the use of user traffic.”