1. Dianping Launches Revamped App With New Check-in Feature

Dianping, the Chinese social rating site just launched a new version of  mobile app featuring an interesting addition to its check-in function – whenever checking into a local restaurant, users can choose to publish how many people are queueing in the line from inbuilt options.

The new function is interesting as well as useful since other Dianping app users get to know how many people are waiting in line for the restaurant they’re going to before actually arrive.

Also, the new version strengthens the application of LBS service with the aforementioned feature and “Cuisines Beside You” to recommend delicious foods based on your whereabouts.

According to Dianping, as of now there’re over 10 million people use its mobile app while half of the shanghai-based company’s traffic is generated by mobile users.

2. Dangdang Launched Price War Against 360buy

Chinese online retailer Dangdang initiated a price war aiming to compete with 360buy in 3C forefront in what it has dubbed “Operation Decapitation”. 360buy has been touting its price reduction campaign dubbed “Desert Storm” since couple weeks ago.

According to Dangdang, the NYSE-listed company is reducing price on laptops, digital cameras and smartphones etc. To be exact, Dangdang gives discounts on the top 50 best-selling products in every 3C category on 360Buy.

Li Guoqin, founder of Dangdang disclosed in a weibo post that “Dangdang’s monthly sales of digital equipments and cellphones surpassed RMB100M, up 500% from a year earlier.”

According to a local media, suppliers were being pressured by Dangdang to lower prices, particularly on certain popular 3C items.

In case you forget, late last year Dangdang and 360buy had a big fight in which both were slashing prices on books.

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