Xiaomi Tech, the company behind Xiaomi mobile is said to tap into digital reading market through MIUI, a 3rd-party customized Android ROM curated by the mobile-focused company.

According to Yang Xiaoming, deputy secretary of CMIIA, China Mobile Internet Industry Alliance, Xiaomi is planning setting up a team to take the reins.

Digital reading isn’t some kind of untapped business in China, a bunch of Flipboard clones including Xian’guo lianbo, Zaker has already dived into the arena with some achievements.

Founded in April 2010, the Beijing-based company has raised over US$ 41 million from various venture capitals including Morningside, IDG and Qiming Ventures. Xiaomi has incubated several mobile apps such as Xiaomi Note (last updated on Sept 10, 2010), Xiaomi Share (last updated on Jan 15, 2011) and Xiaomi Driver (last updated on Nov 22, 2010) in its early days. However, judging from their last updated time and the facts that the newly revamped homepage removed these offerings, it seems Xiaomi Tech discontinued these three service.

Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi also stated that “the early stage products like xiaomi Notes, Xiaomi Driver are just trial runs rather than something we really want to work on. We get started with MIUI.” He also mentioned that the mobile company’s core products includes Xiaomi mobile, Miliao and MIUI, as we can tell from its new homepage.

Xiaomi introduced App Store into its MIUI ROM in Aug of this year, and it’s expectable that Xiaomi will incorporate more and more features into this MIUI ROM, which is also preloaded in its Xiaomi mobile.`

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