Tencent Launched Open B2C ECommerce Platform, the Battle With Taobao is On

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If Tencent’s penguin is hungry, it can be very dangerous and wants to (also has the potential to) eat everything. Taobao has its open B2C platform launched just a month ago, today Tencent’s open B2C platform is also launched, giving the domain buy.qq.com.

Tencent’s B2C platform comes with six categories: 3C, sportswear, cosmetics, clothes, grocery and jewelry, and for each category Tencent will be working with different B2C eCommerce sites and sell their products. For example, Haolemai is one of the most popular site selling shoes so it powers the shoe channel, Yixun is famous for selling 3C products so it enriches the items in 3C category. Now you can just go to buy.qq.com and are able to buy them all. Taobao Mall said it had 38 independent B2C sites integrated when it first launched. It’s not clear yet how many eCommerce site/brands buy.qq.com now has partners with and how many of them will be by end of this year. Considering the huge user base and potentially the massive traffic/transaction Tencent can drive to the partners, I am sure there will be tens of eCommerce services are waiting for the green light to plug into the platform.

Currently, the service is only available for Guangdong province. Obviously, the battle between Tencent and Taobao is on.